Damn girl – you look fine! What’s your secret?

November 22, 2012


Headacher Logic Doris, born May 16, 2007

Champion Cow and Big Fan of Hockley Mash

Any worthy brewery should have a mascot. Ours is Headacher Logic Doris (yes, that’s really her name).

This photo was taken in Madison, Wisconsin immediately following her pageant walk after placing 2nd in her class at the tender age of just a year and four months old. She’s also placed as the Grand Champion at the National Milking Shorthorn show – twice – and has made Reserve All American as a Spring Yearling calf. Nevermind the local show winnings.

Doris partially attributes her string of accolades to her diet: Hockley mash, which she’s been eating since she was a wee calf. Her third lactation produced 5820kg of milk in 305 days, a normal lactation period, with a 3.8% fat test and a 3.5% protein test. If you don’t know much about dairy cows, you’ll have to believe us when we say that’s impressive. What’s more, with each new lactation, her production is increasing naturally, with a little help from our mash.

Doris is owned and loved by Jenna Kippen, a local genius who goes by the handle ‘Crazy Cowgirl’. Jenna feeds all of her calves mash starting at three months.