Forget the Groundhog. Look for FiddleHead.

February 1, 2013

Having a talented, artistically-inclined Brewmaster means having to put up with fits of temper and creativity. To beat the winter blahs, Andrew has been known to take longwalks in the dark cold woods to confront his inner demons andwork out his next brewing throw-down.

This year is no different. Here’s the backstory as told to us by the Brewmaster himself:

Some time ago, two men sat on a rock by the river watching the last of the winter ice float down the stream. They spoke of the wisdom of life, politics, religion, sex, and rock and roll, and beer. Close by, the fiddleheads curled up tight, listening, and awaiting their fate. Would they shyly unfurl to become ferns? Or would some lucky person find them, boil them, smother them with butter and garlic, and eat them (regardless the sandy grit). Ten years later, we’re introducing FiddleHead, in honour of great conversation, one-liners, and moments you never forget.

You’ll note the deep, golden colour and remember the kick of spicy, toasted rye. With enough citrus hops to make you sneeze ’til you fart, then laugh ’til you soil yourself, we present this fantastic fresh, full-bodied beer for people with a sense of humour.

This spring, look for FiddleHead. Not in the woods, but at the LCBO.