News from Tom

November 10, 2013

We’re consistently asked if we “do” beer shows.  And I consistently answer “only if there is a charity involved”.  In some form or another over the years we’ve had the opportunity to support the following…

Big Brothers Big Sisters

Habitat for Humanity

Ducks Unlimited

Various Community Living

Numerous Hospital Foundations

“We are the Villagers”

The Barn Foundation

The Moose Foundation

Georgian Bay Biosphere

World AIDS Day Gala

and  one of our regular attended shows –  Willow Breast Cancer Support Canada

Eat to the BeatWillow started 18 years ago and is a national not-for-profit organization that provides free peer support and information for those with Breast Cancer.  Willows big night is called “Eat to the Beat” which is a mecca for urban foodies who want to experience the best of Ontario’s culinary scene.  We look forward to each year at Roy Thompson Hall.  It is the only event in Canada that exclusively features the talent of 60 female chefs from across Ontario, a handful of wineries, breweries and this year a couple of micro distilleries that provide an array of taste delights second to none.  Giving back to the community that supports us is very important.

Over the course of a year Hockley Valley Brewing Company would contribute upwards of $100,000 in various ways of support to various charities.

GBLT logo (2)Georgian Bay BadgeWith our Georgian Bay Beer brand in mind we have the good fortune to hook up with the Georgian Bay Land Trust group .  A marvelous charity with one main goal….preserving for the future and the gifts Georgian Bay has to offer all people.

Visit their website at 

Personally I’m going to be involved as much as I can. Georgian Bay is my home. My family has been here since the mid 1930’s.

On other news; a BIG STEP for HVBC… the draught business.  Historically we’ve concentrated on home consumption.  Now it’s time for draught.

Look for us at your local pub soon and ask for Hockley on tap !