Andrew Kohnen


Andrew threw away a successful career in Logistics to pursue his dream of reconnecting with the brewing roots of his family. This carried him to the UK’s prestigious Brewlab in Sunderland, England, where he procured the alchemy that would drive his signature brewing style.

He took what he could from there and ventured to Scotland, Cornwall, and ultimately to Krefeld, Germany to pick up near where his mother’s family brewery had been, working in the same brewery that had belonged to his ancestors. He came home to Canada for Hockley.

You could call it dumb, but we call it destiny.

Moment of clarity: I was sitting in a movie theatre catching a matinee – the first and only time I ever played hooky from work. I was in Operations Management at the time and could not, for the life of me, see myself in the same environment for the next 30 years. I submitted my resignation the next day and applied to the Brew School in England. I’ve been following the path ever since.

Proudest brewing achievement: FiddleHead Rye Pale Ale

Dirty secret: I used to collect beer bottles. Turns out they’re not a good thing to collect if you enjoy travelling and moving about. Having to choose between packing empty boxes with boxers or empty beer bottles you picked up at this tiny farmhouse brewery turned into a bit of a Sophie’s Choice for me. I also collect vintage 2×4 stretchers and left-handed hammers.

Most faithful companion: My shadow. Always with me and comes in handy in early February.

Favourite movie: Cinema Paradiso

Favourite book: A Prayer for Owen Meany

Greatest moment: Too soon to say. Don’t want to spoil what’s yet to come.

Debt-worthy trip: Australia by way of Detroit, Nashville, Little Rock, Houston, Fort Worth, Chicago, and LA

Will trade Hockley for: Anything Haus Brauerei Gleumes related, preferably glassware.